How Quikshow works

Buyer's Agents

Post a quikshow in the app, view profiles of agents bidding on your post and then select the agent of your choice to quikshow to your clients. They will get the notification once chosen and take care of the quikshow for you.

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Showing Agents

Put your license to use and make money in between deals! Look at all the available quikshows near you on the app's map. Place bids on the posts that are of interest to you and you get notified when you are chosen!

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Quikshow features

Post and edit your Quikshows in the app
Choose an agent to assist your clients
We'll handle the payments
View Quikshows in your area
Bid on Quikshow posts that are of interest to you
Receive instant Quikshow notifications

Available on iOS!

Questions about Quikshow

Do I have to be a licensed real estate agent or broker to use Quikshow?

Yes. Quikshow is only for licensed real estate professionals in good standings with an active real estate license with their local state real estate board.

How much does Quikshow charge?

The app is free to download. Please refer to the payment section of the Terms and Conditions for all fees.

What happens if a showing agent tries to solicit my client during a Quikshow?

They will be stoned, tarred and feathered. No seriously. Showing agents are asked only to open doors; nothing more. To discourage soliciting, we have have included a rating system that keeps agents in check and motivates them to do a great job showing properties to buyers agent's clients.

How do I get paid when I complete a quikshow?

Payment minus any fees will be released within one to three business days upon completion of a successful Quikshow. Your first transaction could take up to seven business days for account verification.

Is there a limit on how many homes can be added to a Quickshow post?

Nope. You may include as many homes as you'd like.

May I post multiple Quikshows if I have several clients?

Yes. A buyer's agent may post as many quikshows as needed. If a buyer's agent hasn't accepted a bid on their quikshow post since the time it was scheduled, the buyer's agent can choose to edit the post or simply delete it.

May I bid on multiple Quikshows as a showing agent?

Yes. As long as you don't have another scheduled showing during that time. Each accepted Quikshow must be separated at least one hour apart. A showing agent may not accept more than one Quikshow showing during an already-scheduled showing time.

What are the minimum and maximum bid amounts a showing agent can submit?

The minimum bid is $30, and the maximum is $950. We've noticed that $50 is the standard rate per property, but you may bid any amount that you wish.

Do I have to enter my bank information into the app?

If you want to get paid, then you need to do this. We allow you to browse the app, but in order to bid on a Quikshow we do require that you input your bank information. We make every effort to make sure that your bank account information is always safe and secure. We use industry standard encryption SSL from STRIPE, a third party company, to securely store your banking information. Feel free to review our terms and conditions for more information about STRIPE.

How does Quikshow notify me?

We will send automatic text notifications and emails. We will keep you informed throughout the entire process from beginning to end. You can change your notification preferences in the app.

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